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Building skills to become your best self.

I have a BS and M. Ed.  from Wheelock College in Boston and over 25 years of professional experience in education.

Education and training in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction),  Integrative Nutrition certification and education in anxiety disorders, ADHD and learning disabilities makes me uniquely qualified to support struggling children and adults in many effective ways.


My approach is relationship based, meaning trust and vulnerability are paramount in the work I do.


This level of genuine care for my clients coupled with best practices in education and behavioral strategies bring success to the people I work with.

Meet Lori

Lori J. Botolino, Founder, Success Cape Cod


Who I Serve

Working on a Computer
Corporate Executive Function Training and Support
Working on a Computer
Adults and Young Adults
Boy Writing on a Blackboard

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functions are the mental processes of the brain that, when well developed, allow us to:

Manage our time.png
Manage our time
Organize our space, materials, thoughts, ideas.png
Organize our space, materials, thoughts, ideas
Remember what we read and hear.png
Remember what we read and hear
Manage our emotions and responses.png
Manage our emotions and responses
Focus and pay attention.png
Focus and pay attention
Plan and prioritize.png
Plan and prioritize
Initiate and complete tasks.png
Initiate and complete tasks
Communicate and self advocate effectively.png
Communicate and self advocate effectively
Handle several things at once.png
Handle several things at once
Think flexibly.png
Think flexibly



Lori has been invaluable to our family. She worked with our daughter consistently from middle school through the time she landed her first job in a school system. Lori and E developed a relationship that supported, nurtured and guided E in her life, from the time she was 12 years old through young adulthood. Early on, Lori understood E’s learning disability and challenges with emotional regulation and coached me on how to effectively support her at home and school through a more comprehensive IEP, which we developed together. Lori’s work with our daughter throughout high school and college, and then with resume writing  and job interviews helped E feel confident about her skills and ready to enter her professional work. Now, as an educator herself, E reaches out to Lori for professional coaching and consultation. It is a very special relationship.

- C.L., mother of E, age 26

Our brains are very open to strengthening these skills. With practice, compassion and accountability, I help students and adults strengthen these skills, leading to greater success and happier, more fulfilled lives.

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