For students, adults and organizations, success requires strong

"executive function" skills.


Executive Functions are the mental processes that help us:

• Communicate and self-advocate effectively

• Control emotions and responses when we're stressed

• Handle several different things at once

• Plan, initiate, complete tasks

• Remember what we read and hear

• Manage our time

As an executive function coach,

I offer relationship based, customized support for children, teens, adults and businesses.


Success Cape Cod teaches the skills that address each clients particular area of challenge, building confidence and competence and school, work and life.

Brain Storming on Paper


"Lori has been incredibly helpful to my children A. and J. in SO many ways. She is A.'s executive function coach, writing tutor and has helped her manage her college and scholarship applications. She is J.'s reading and writing tutor and has coordinated with his teachers to make sure their efforts are complementary. I sincerely believe this work has kept him from falling through the cracks academically as he transitioned to middle school."

- DES, mother of A, age 19 and J age 13

"We have been so pleased with Lori's work with our daughters. Our children have learning, attention and self regulation issues that Lori is able to support in a professional, nurturing and fun way!"

-C.P., father of 6 year old C. and eight year old S

"Lori has been invaluable to our family. She worked with E. from middle school right through college. Lori understood E.'s learning disability and coached me as a mother so that I could use effective strategies to help E. between sessions. E. graduated from college in May 2019 and I know that Lori's work with my daughter was instrumental in her success."

- C.L., mother of E, age 23

"Lori is phenomenal at what she does. My son has physical, academic and attention issues that require compassion and expertise. Lori uses a combination of school assignments and customized lessons that are in line with my 13 year old's interests and abilities. I recommend her highly!"

-C.D from Hyannis, mother of E.R. age 13