Do You Have Trouble With Several Of The Following?
  • Chronically late for work, appointments, events?

  • Difficulty starting and following through task at work or home?

  • Impulsively say things you later regret?

  • Feel easily distracted?
  • Feel overwhelmed, stuck, anxious?

  • Frequently make careless mistakes?

  • Difficulty solving problems?

  • Difficulty achieving goals?

  • Trouble taking the perspective of others?

  • Have trouble managing multiple people's schedules?

  • Misplace or lose things?

  • Difficulty paying attention?

  • Trouble remembering details?

  • Put off boring tasks in favor of enjoyable ones, creating problems?

  • Have trouble initiating tasks, projects, social engagements, making appointments?

I help adults prioritize ideas, information, tasks and responsibilities.

With compassionate accountability, I work with adults to map out strategies,

build better habits and implement effective changes. 

Who Benefits From Executive Function Coaching?

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  • Adults with ADD, OCD, ASD, GED or health issues

  • Older adults with cognitive decline or dementia

  • Adults with learning disabilities diagnosed as a child

  • Parents juggling multiple children and commitments

  • People relocating, decluttering, home reno projects