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Corporate and Professionals in the Workplace

Executive Function Education and Support

The mental skills we call “executive functions” are crucial for adults, especially in the workplace. Men and women (with or without diagnosed ADHD!) may struggle at work and at home with initiating, prioritizing,  planning,  executing, and following tasks through to completion.  Time management, coping with stress, disorganization of space, materials, and thinking are common issues related to executive function challenges.  Difficulty with focus, memory, flexibility and rigid thinking are also prevalent issues for people who have less developed executive skills.

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What do executive function challenges look like?

In the workplace, this can look like low productivity or performance, job dissatisfaction,  poor self concept, and anxiety. Managing multiple tasks may be particularly problematic, and distraction, decision making and procrastinating may result in missed opportunities, advancement or compensation. Often, adults with less developed executive skills are capable professionals who have struggled for years with these issues and simply haven’t landed on the nuanced kind of support that will help them address their challenges, capitalize on their strengths and accomplish their goals…until now!

I offer executive function education for employers, leadership, and management in businesses and corporations of all sizes and 1:1 executive function coaching for professionals with ADHD or executive skill challenges due to stress, traumatic brain injury, mental health issues or other causes.

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