Elementary and Middle School Students

Often children have trouble "accessing the curriculum" because their weak executive functions stand in the way of learning. I help kids with ADHD, learning issues and reluctant learners develop academic and self regulation skills they need to flourish.

Kids with Capes
Teens and College Students

The academic demands of high school and college call for a higher level of organized ideas, writing skills, time management, cognitive flexibility, and other crucial executive functions. No two students need exactly the same support, so I assess how to best help struggling older students, then work with them to develop customized approaches and strategies to help them succeed. 


I've helped high school seniors secure admission and thousands of dollars in scholarships to University of Michigan , Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, UVM, Eckerd, University of Florida, George Mason University, Fordham University, Penn State, Providence College, University of Houston, University of Delaware and more! 

College Applications, Scholarships and More!

High school seniors have a lot on their plates! While meeting the academic demands of school, they are expected to take on the daunting task of college and scholarship applications, including writing important essays that maximize their chances of getting into the college of their choice and earning money to pay for it! I help students with the whole process, offering organization, guidance and writing support that keeps them on track and anxiety at bay.

Parent Advocacy

Sometimes parent need to support, too! I coach parents and help them advocate for their child at school and at team meetings. With experience working with therapist, doctors, guidance counselors and SPED teams on Cape Cod, I can help families bring together the right supports to help their children thrive.