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Often, instructors are not trained teachers and may not fully understand the three important factors that can improve the way they lead, teach and engage with students. Success Cape Cod training focuses on these three critical pieces that elevate the quality of instruction:


Ages and Stages: Staff will learn the typical developmental profile of their students so that they have proper expectations of them. Cognitive, social-emotional (behavior!), language and motor development will be explored.


Group Management: It’s a challenge to keep a group of kids (no matter the ages!) 

on-task and safe. We’ll give you strategies to keep the group focused, well behaved and respectful while having fun.


Hidden Disabilities: According to the CDC, 1 in 7 children in the U.S. ages 3-17 has a diagnosed mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. Families of children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety disorders and other special needs are looking for programs that lead with knowledge and sensitivity.

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Does your staff struggle

with the following?

● Students who don’t pay attention

or follow directions

● Kids who are uncooperative,

disengaged or unmotivated

● Parent complaints

● Inconsistent program attendance

There is a solution that addresses these issues,

taking your business to a greater level of success.

Success Cape Cod offers customized on-site instructor/coach/teacher training that will raise the bar for programming and ultimately boost your business.


Some of the programs that benefit from our instructor training are:

● Athletic teams (all levels)

● Rec programs

● Summer camps

● Gymnastics

● Ninja warrior training

● Martial arts

● Creative arts programming (dance, theater, crafts/art, music…)

● Nature studies and outdoor programs

● Library programs

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How Does It Work?

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